Golden Goat was originally created in Topeka, Kansas when a male (Hawaiian x Romulan) pollinated Mr. Dank's freak Island Sweet Skunk female. The best plant of the resulting seeds was named "Golden Goat" after the smell of Golden Goat Recycling machines in the dead of summer, when the soda syrup smells would mingle in the hot sun. The flavor is tropically sweet and lingers on your tongue. The high is straight to your head and comes on instantly.
Our Golden Goat clone was gifted to us from a close friend and quickly became a favorite in our garden. We reversed her and created Golden Goat feminized seeds to share with the world.
Golden Goat is a sativa dominant plant that finishes in 60 days.
Expect heavy harvests!
 Available in Feminized Seeds only.

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how do you order seeds

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